Our books are differential, both for their high level of soundproofing as well as for their acoustic quality, which is an absolute priority for us. The measures we use in our contraction are studied and contrasted by companies specialized in acoustics and both the materials used and the sound insulation techniques are avant-garde and of proven efficiency in sonometric sound tests.

Using the best products for soundproofing we have achieved, in the partition walls between rooms, 80 db. of sound insulation, which we reach by distributing several layers of material interspersed with vacuum spaces. As a result, we have obtained walls with a dimension that exceeds 70 cm thick.

Another important point for us is the comfort of our premises. From its finishes with parquet flooring and wood chip boards with magnesite on the walls. Allthis gives an unbeatable sound absorption and the warmth of a recording studio. In addition, we have air conditioning and air renewal.