Rehearsal boxes 24/7

What sets our book of essays is both the high degree of quality sound and acoustic sonorization. For us, the soundproofing is the priority issue in our local: the measures we use in our contraction are studied and tested by companies specializing in acoustics and both materials used as insulation techniques are cutting-edge sound and proven in trials sonometric sound.

We use the best products for soundproofing, got in the partitions between rooms, 80 db. Acoustic to which we distributing several layers of material that intersperse with empty spaces; obtaining walls with a dimension of over 70 cm thick.

Another important point for us is the comfort of our local either finishes, parquet floors and slabs of wood shavings with magnesite on the walls, which give a superb sound absorption and warmth own a recording studio, as for the air conditioning of these air conditioning and air exchange.

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